Project Info

Details about my NFT Project

This project is an experiment in technology, art, and cryptography. We are absolutely doing this shit live. Every line of code and all assets for this project are open source with the hopes that others use my ideas as a jumping off point for their own projects.


I started this project as I dove into the world of crypto towards the beginning of 2021, with the following goals:

  • Explore the world of crypto art and smart contracts
  • Create a scalable and durable way to distribute and represent my art
  • Deploy a powerful and flexible smart contract that is compatible with all major marketplaces
  • Build cool web3 applications to showcase and interact with my art
  • Understand how traditional cloud platforms can interact with on-chain events and data
  • Connect with others in the crypto art space


An important goal with this project was to ensure I fully embraced the decentralized ethos and not have any dependencies on a traditional web server or even a commercial service of any kind.

Smart Contracts

My NFTs have some custom features, powered by a series of smart contracts that are verified on Etherscan.

Ensure you verify the contract you are interacting with before purchasing my art or BVAL:

  • NFT ERC-721 Contract:
    0x02d91986f0c2b02830bdfc022f0da83529b78334 etherscan
  • BVAL ERC-20 Contract:
    0x27525344bbba0dDb182251387AEdd0Bde7d466B2 etherscan


There is none.

But there are several things I have planned, designed, or semi-executed at this time. If you are curious, get in touch, I'd love to share some of my thoughts on what's next.