Artist Statement

Stories etched in information live forever

Consciousness scrambles to overlay raw perception with neat categorical symbols, keeping space and time organized and recognizable. My art explores how these mechanisms break down and can be exploited.

I paint abstract digital landscapes from exotic universes. Using patterns of light carved in space I bootstrap transient realities that wildly oscillate until reaching some steady-state in a process more like discovery than creation.

My paintings are crypto-native, an experiment within the envelope of an exciting new way to think about how we can all thrive, together, as a digital society.

It's exciting to be building a very small part of a very large story.


I create all of my digital paintings on an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil in an app called Procreate. I export uncompressed PNG files at their original resolution and make those files publicly available on the token detail page for each piece on this site and in the ERC-721 JSON Metadata associated with each token.

My NFT metadata and resampled images are prepared via a custom script I run locally that results in uploading files to IPFS and my tokens are minted in a custom ERC-721 smart contract via a small React app.

See the Project Info page for more general information.